Why NetSIP?


Communications are vital for business, but keeping up with technology can be expensive. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is communications over the Internet - technology that saves you money!

Whether you have an existing PBX or need to set up a new system, NetSIP has the solution to migrate you over to the latest technology.

The NetSIP difference: service & support

The same qualified network engineers who install and monitor your service provide NetSIP’s technical support. Your call to our support line is answered personally by one of our experts, who can immediately troubleshoot and rectify any problems.

Robust Infrastructure

We understand that users are not happy when they can’t get a dial tone. Our voice platform is engineered to provide fault tolerance. Under most deployment scenarios, voice traffic doesn’t leave our network until it’s on the PSTN, which means your clients’ calls will get through every time.

Voice Quality

Early VoIP adopters reported poor call quality and drop outs; often these issues were caused by Internet congestion and poor network management. We pride ourselves on exceptional voice quality and utilise QoS throughout our network to maintain it.

We can pre-qualify and guide you where sites may have a poor internet connection that could affect site quality. As a general rule NetSIP will only deploy voice solutions if a minimum ISDN level of voice quality can be achieved.

Lync Support

We’ve extended voice platform to support direct SIP trunking with Microsoft Lync servers, allowing for Greenfield deployments. You also have the option of routing outbound calls from Lync to NetSIP, saving money while maintaining ISDN for inbound and fall-back services.


With NetSIP:

  • you get great prices!
  • you get great service, always
  • you get peace of mind – we’ve been around a long time and we know what we’re doing
  • our call centre is in Australia
  • you keep your own phone numbers so your clients don’t get confused.


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